Terms & Conditions of the free downloads

All (and only) the free downloads resources available at, are free for use in both personal and commercial projects under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

You may freely use the resources provided without restriction, in any material intended for sale or distribution. No attribution is strictly required, but it will be nice to credit aurove for the work. And of course, any form of spreading the word is always appreciated!

You are not permitted to make the resources found at available for distribution elsewhere “as is” without prior writen consent. If you would like to feature the resources on your site, please do not link directly to the resource zip files as these URLs will change periodically, please link to the appropriate page on where users can find their download.


Some questions you may have…

Can I use your resources in a client project?
Sure (and no attribution is required).
Can I use your resources in a product for sale?
Yes (attribution is not required but appreciated).
Can I offer your resources for download on my site?
Yes, but please link to each of them on Linking directly to the zip file, or repackaging your own zip file, it´s not allowed.
Can I make my own free resources using yours?
Yes, but credit aurove as a source of inspiration.